September 27, 2015

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3D Printed Filament Spools

With more persons investing in 3D printing, reusable filament spools are becoming a go-to for most users. Our 3D printing services are now offered publicly, so you can feel free…

3D Printing now offered!

With 3D printing as one of the services offered at FaSoVe, we can now 3D print hard to find parts or artifacts needed to complete the job for you. Click…


FaSoVe was featured in the UWI’s Top 10 stories from The UWI 2017/2018 Annual Report. Click here for full article.

HD4 Breaker Testing Unit

The HD4 Breaker Testing Unit is designed to be used for the testing of Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers. The panel contains an 110VDC output, ammeter, switches, fuse holders and fuses.…

FCC Certification

FaSoVe has great news! With the services of an accredited test facility, the PHI has passed its Federal Communications Commission (FCC) compliance testing. This was done in the last quarter…

ATX Bench-top Power supply (ABP)

The ABP was developed with the aim of impacting two existing problems, the first is the need for quality laboratory equipment in Caribbean schools and the second is the need…

Low Cost Robotic Kit

Globally there are many challenges facing our educational systems. Two areas of concern are: The lack of multimodal teaching styles in the classroom The lack of access to Technology and…

Train Display Automation

The Train Display Automation Project was undertaken for the client in order to allow for the outfitting of discrete motion and robotics to a life size model of a suspended…

In Circuit Debugger (ICD)

The creation and revision of embedded electronic systems is a discipline-specific skill that, like any other skill, requires continued practice with specialist equipment to achieve competence. The challenge faced by…

Renewable Energy Air Purifier (REAP)

In 2013, 6.7million persons suffered premature deaths due to the air quality of their environment. More than 80% of those who died were women, children and the elderly [1]. Two…

Turtle Shake Light

The coastal communities of Trinidad & Tobago are among the poorest, with unemployment estimated at 28%. To address this issue, efforts have been made through the partnership of community members,…


The MobiAssist product is being developed as a system which can assist visually impaired persons to navigate and avoid obstacles. For this project, the Engineering Team will be implementing an…

FaSoVe Takes Prizes at PM Awards

FaSoVe once again entered the Prime Minister’s Awards for Scientific Ingenuity and again took away prizes. This year the REAP, a low-cost, active-filtering air purifier, made from recycled materials, took…