Low Cost Robotic Kit

Globally there are many challenges facing our educational systems. Two areas of concern are: The lack of multimodal teaching styles in the classroom The lack of access to Technology and Engineering (T+E) experiences for our children. Multimodal Teaching Styles: Multimodal teaching is a form of teaching which recognises that we internalise information in various ways Read more about Low Cost Robotic Kit[…]

In Circuit Debugger (ICD)

The creation and revision of embedded electronic systems is a discipline-specific skill that, like any other skill, requires continued practice with specialist equipment to achieve competence. The challenge faced by the University of the West Indies (UWI) Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DECE) was an inability to provide equipment for individual students to practice Read more about In Circuit Debugger (ICD)[…]

Renewable Energy Air Purifier (REAP)

In 2013, 6.7million persons suffered premature deaths due to the air quality of their environment. More than 80% of those who died were women, children and the elderly [1]. Two significant sources of pollutants are smoke from fires used for cooking & heating and persistent smog in urban areas. Women, children and the elderly are Read more about Renewable Energy Air Purifier (REAP)[…]

Turtle Shake Light

The coastal communities of Trinidad & Tobago are among the poorest, with unemployment estimated at 28%. To address this issue, efforts have been made through the partnership of community members, NGOs and international funding agencies toward the creation of sustainable rural entrepreneurial activities. Specific emphasis has been placed on the promotion of a niche eco‚Äźtourism Read more about Turtle Shake Light[…]

FaSoVe Takes Prizes at PM Awards

FaSoVe once again entered the Prime Minister’s Awards for Scientific Ingenuity and again took away prizes. This year the REAP, a low-cost, active-filtering air purifier, made from recycled materials, took a special prize at the PM Awards. FaSoVe team-member, Ms. Christin Parma was there to receive the accolade. That’s not all. FaSoVe client, Mr. Kevan Read more about FaSoVe Takes Prizes at PM Awards[…]