Fasove, UWI and our outlook for innovation

Through insights and the foresight of the scholars at the UWI, research and development is finding a way to benefit TT through its innovations, by putting the theories and research papers to practical use. Persad, also launched a design company called FaSoVe, which works with researchers to take ideas through the innovation process and make their solutions ready for the market.

ATX Bench-top Power supply (ABP)

The ABP was developed with the aim of impacting two existing problems, the first is the need for quality laboratory equipment in Caribbean schools and the second is the need to reduce the impact of electronic waste (e-waste). E-Waste: Every year a steadily increasing percentage of garbage which is produced is electronic waste (e-waste). E-waste Read more about ATX Bench-top Power supply (ABP)[…]

Low Cost Robotic Kit

Globally there are many challenges facing our educational systems. Two areas of concern are: The lack of multimodal teaching styles in the classroom The lack of access to Technology and Engineering (T+E) experiences for our children. Multimodal Teaching Styles: Multimodal teaching is a form of teaching which recognises that we internalise information in various ways Read more about Low Cost Robotic Kit[…]